Sesana Allen


Prior to joining Smash, Sesana worked as a growth strategist at Accenture Interactive where she designed and launched new products, platforms, and businesses for Fortune 500 companies, their acquisitions, and start-ups. She developed solutions in a variety of sectors including consumer technology, consumer packaged goods, and biotech. She most recently designed Web3 strategies for key media, entertainment, and luxury goods companies.

She is co-founder of the Anti-Racism Fund, where she has raised and deployed over 1M of capital to a dynamic portfolio of projects whose ethos align with their 4 pillars of purpose: justice system reform, education parity, health & wellness, community outreach, and social justice advocacy. She has built programs along strategic partners including HBCUs, the NAACP LDF, Raise Fashion, and the Equal Justice Initiative.

She also has a podcast where she dissects trends related to millennials and Gen Z with relevant founders and experts.

She received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and Mandarin. Sesana lives in Brooklyn, NY.