Our Approach

Smash Capital seeks to accelerate sustainable growth at scale, leveraging our expertise in branding, intellectual property, marketing, content, business model transformation and audience-building strategies.

We invest in founders building generational brands and work to give their companies a competitive advantage by driving resonant, emotional connections with their users at scale, powered by our unique capabilities and network across digital media.


Telling authentic stories that build deep connections.

Optimizing marketing efforts.

Partnering with the most influential talent.

Collaborating with strategic partners.

Accessing the world’s best IP.

Reaching customers in the places that matter most.


Our core values are innovation, creativity, grit, passion and an ability to overcome adversity. We don’t just value diversity, we know that our success will depend upon it.


We are experienced investors in gaming, fintech, health and wellness, commerce, big data, social, application software, and a host of other markets where the products and services sometimes move real people to cult-like evangelism.

Some of us have serious media bonafides and deep, decades-long relationships with Hollywood and with the press.

We are