We are a venture firm focused on consumer internet, software, and technology companies

We are brand builders with the ambition to build a generational brand
at Smash

Our partnership is grounded in decades of shared history at the highest levels of asset management, technology, media, and entertainment. Together we have a proven history of global success as both investors and operators of multi-billion-dollar franchises. Prior to founding the firm, our partners have invested over $4 billion in venture capital and over $100 billion in control transactions across decades of shared professional experience, including senior management roles at The Walt Disney Company, Insight Partners, and Live Nation.

Smash Capital began as our startup. Our culture is extremely entrepreneurial. While our ambition is to build a generational firm and to grow our organization considerably, today we are enjoying the advantages inherent in a smaller team. We take advantage of our speed, real-time communication and flat organizational structure every day. We are hyper aware of the critical contribution of every member of our core team, and we encourage everyone here to think like an owner.

Our founding team includes builders and creators who didn’t love the venture capital “product” we were offered as founders. We approach founders with enormous respect and a bit of awe at the enormity of what they attempt to do — the overwhelming personal stakes, sacrifice, belief and commitment they demonstrate in their life’s work. When most choose touch football, founders choose tackle. We work very hard; the founders we back work harder.

We know that our first core competency is in discovering incredible technology companies and the teams behind them. We also know that our lasting mark is in helping those great people and consequential companies succeed over time. That’s how our investors grade our performance and how we grade ourselves.

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